Having a website is a must these days! And everyone also likes having one. But it costs your bucks! And who does not love freebies and stuff for free? So, as you would have guessed, let’s make a completely free website from scratch and I will guide you through all the things you would need to know while making this website.

Can’t believe it? Check out the completely free website I made for my Android app: http://impilo.ga/

What you need to know?

While describing this project, I assume that you have even a little bit of knowledge about domain names, hosting and WordPress.

This will enable you to understand the process in an easy way.

Also, it would be great to have some backend knowledge(if you work with complex themes). But this is optional.

Let’s begin

First off, move to https://freenom.com and register yourself with a free domain name!

FreeNom- A free domain name for everyone
  • You can select from a range of domain extensions which include: .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq
  • I don’t suggest getting a .tk because you won’t get free hosting with it.
  • I have used .ga extension and I have created a fully free website earlier with this method, visit it here: impilo.ga
  • Make an account, check Terms and Conditions and finally complete the order which requires no credit card!

Hurray! You got a custom domain name! Next, let’s get good looking hosting for our setup!

Now, Go the My Domains > [Select Manage Domain button of your domain] > Management Tools > Nameservers. Select custom nameservers and enter the following ones:

FreeNom Nameserver Button
FreeNom Nameserver button

Get Hosting from InfinityFree.net

Next, we would get completely free hosting from https://infinityfree.net/.

Go to the website mentioned. Click Sign Up Now and register a new account.

After the sign-up process, you have to create a hosting account from the dashboard.

On the custom domain tab, enter the newly registered domain name and hit Search Domain.

Setup the additional information as you require as it is setting up passwords.

Boom! You got a free hosting account that includes:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • 50k daily hits
  • Latest versions of PHP
  • And much more for free!

Okay, so we have our domain and hosting setup.

Now, let’s install WordPress!

How to install WordPress on a free domain?

It is a question that comes to everyone’s mind if they own their own free domain.

But, as described in the features of InfinityFree hosting, it is possible!

Go to your cPanel by clicking on the Manage button next to your hosting account and from there, select Control Panel.

Scroll down to Softaculous App Installer and install WordPress from there(you can get a ton of articles about installing WordPress from Softaculous, one such great article is here.)

And yes, you have installed WordPress! How easy it was!

Is there something left?

Yes, SSL! An SSL is a green lock that you see while visiting a site. Like the one, you are seeing at the URL of this article. How to add it? It is paid!

But, there is a solution to everything! Let’s figure this out.

InfinityFree does not allow bot access to free hosted domains(Only Search engine bots can access the site). So, we cannot use SSLForFree.com’s automatic FTP detection and also manual ones because Let’s Encrypt needs to access your domain file and infinity free thinks of LetsEncrypt as a bot.

But still, you can get an SSL from the InfinityFree Hosting account itself!

SSL Lock
SSL Lock
  • Under your infinity free account dashboard, go to SSL Certificates.
  • Click add SSL domain and follow the procedures on the screen
  • If you have any problems, please comment and let me know!

Your website now needs configuration by uploading themes, writing posts, adding pages, etc. That’s the topic for another article. I hope this was a good reference for you!


How much did you learn from this article? Comment and tell me!

In this article, you saw, how to create a professional website with an SSL certificate being run with WordPress! You see, how easy it could be to make a website without spending even a single penny!