I am very excited to let you know about my new post on installing the Intel HAXM program on our PC! through Android Studio!!!! Yes through Android Studio! I know that it is the problem about 1/3rd of the android developers in these days as they wish to test their apps on android emulators but fail to do as AS(I am going to use AS as an abbreviation for Android Studio) shows an error saying that: AS can’t run AVD(Android Virtual Device)Intel HAXM is required to run the AVD.

What’s the reason?

There may be some reason that AS is not able to install Intel HAXM on the PC. The possible reasons are:

  • Virtualization is not enabled in your PC. Enable it by following the steps in this link
  • Virtualization is not supported! Sorry, I cannot help you with this problem. The only thing you can do is, go ahead and buy a new PC. I would recommend you to go for other high-end PCs:
  • To my surprise, I found that it’s a bug in AS below version 3.2.* I came to know this, a few days ago as I was upgrading my AS from 3.1.4 to 3.2.1 I tried to use Standard installation(discussed below) and this error was resolved!

The first and foremost thing is that you should enable Virtualization in your PC. To check it, read my previous post here and to enable it, you can find a lot of tutorials on google! 

Now, you have checked if virtualization is enabled! If yes, that’s pretty good! If not, then please enable it. If you cannot enable it, sorry dude 😭😭 I cannot help you anymore as your PC doesn’t support virtualization.

If your virtualization is enabled, follow me to fix this error!

1. The first thing you need to do is delete AS through your control panel(in Windows) or System Preferences(on Mac). Also, remove all other instances of AS left off while deleting AS(except installation file). You have to install AS again. Sorry about that! 

2. You have to follow the steps as usual but the main thing to be noticed is, you have to choose custom installation while choosing for choosing the Install type. I can guess that most probably, you would have chosen the Standard Installation. Note: This is the most important step to follow!!!! If not followed, the error will occur again and you have to start over again!. I was stuck on finding a solution to this error for 6 months! 

3. Now the second main step to follow is to check both the options on the pane on the left side of, i.e., both AS and Android Emulators. Now complete the installation as usual. 

4. Now as you have AS fully installed, open it. On the welcome screen, click Configure ➯ SDK Manager

5. Go to the SDK Tools tab and there you will see that Android Emulator is checked and installed! But Intel HAXM is neither checked nor installed. 

6. Now you can install Intel HAXM as usually by checking it and then clicking apply. Note: If you had chosen Standard installation, and if you try to install it, you see that either the installation gets stopped or is completed but a silent-installation-readme.txt or any other similar file causes an error and the installation gets failed! 

Hurray!! 😃😃 you have successfully installed Intel HAXM and now, you can create and run your virtual devices with any error. 

Listen, I had made this post with many difficulties and after many problems. It took me 6 months to find a solution for why AS cannot install Intel HAXM. Till that, I used to test my apps on a real android device. If you have another error while fixing the installation, don’t hesitate to comment in the section below the post. if this works for you, don’t forget to share with others which may help them.