This is week one of the analyses of books. Here, I start with the book Black Holes by Stephen Hawking. This post is a review of my opinions of the book and about what I liked in it. You may also think as this post contains the keynotes of the book.

Note: This post is my view of seeing the book. This post does not intend to say anything wrong or harm anyone in any means possible. The sole intention is to spread knowledge. I hope you like reading. If you want to buy the book, check it out on Amazon.

This week, as I told earlier, I am going to review the Book- Black Holes by Stephen Hawking. This short book is a brief account of the history of Black Holes and provides the readers, the account of the nature of black holes in an intuitive way that even a small child can understand.

First off, let’s know something about the author. This book has been written by Stephen Hawking who was a renowned scientist in the field of cosmology and the universe. He is my inspiration and I love his writings. This is why I chose his book for the first-week of Analyses.


Black holes by Stephen Hawking is a short book that was initially a series of two lectures by Stephen Hawking broadcasted at the BBC Reith lectures. The first lecture – Do Black Holes have no hair? It was broadcast on 26 Jan 2016 and second Black Holes ain’t black as they are painted! on February 2nd, 2016. This book has introduction and side notes to act as a helping hand by the BBC News science editor David Shukman.

The keynotes of the book explain by me are under the following subheadings (note- No data is copied from the book, just headlines are):

Black Holes!

Stephen Hawking first digs into the topic by introducing to us the term black hole. At first, this phrase seems simple enough but has a hard mystery. To suppose one, you can think of a joint drain out there in space. As in a sink, water seeps into the whole and cannot return, in the same way as something goes into a black hole, cannot escape. Not even light!


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Black holes don’t have hairs!

As stated earlier, everything that comes in a black hole’s effective gravitational range, cannot come back. Not even light. The speed of 3 x 10^8 meter per second and even that’s not the escape velocity required to come out of it. It means that everything is dragged into you and becomes one with the singularity.

Every matter has got some information on its own. It means that every atom in a substance has the information of its own that defines where it should be in the substance. This makes the physical definitions of the substance. But, if it is lost into a black hole, it has to lose its physical definition and become an infinitely small particle into the singularity.

When viewed in the human body’s perspective, the main source of our DNA is our hair which defines our genetical order of the body. This order can be related to a particle’s information. Since, when the information is lost inside a Black Hole, it means the hair is I lost and this is why black holes don’t have hair!

Black holes ain’t as black as they are painted!

Now, it seems that if nothing can come out of a black hole, it is black because if an object absorbs all the light incident on it, it appears black. And that is why they are called black holes. But actually, as predicted by Stephen Hawking, black holes do seem to EMIT particles at a steady rate. Want to know why? Join our patreon community and read the full post about this analysis!


You can read the full post and also listen to the sound recorded version(if you don’t want to read but listen to this topic), by supporting us on patreon. Even a contribution of $1 matters to us. I hope you enjoy reading the given content!

On the whole

This book contains much more than you have just understood. To give a rating to it, I would, by closing my eyes, even give 4.5 stars out of 5 to it. It is said that don’t judge a book from its outer appearance, I would rather say, which book’s appearance is also stunning. The visuals are stunning!

This book can anyone explain the concept of Black Hole even to those who don’t know much about it but are willing to understand. Stephen Hawking’s quality to make even a child understand the complexities of the universe. Alongside, David Shukman’s notes in between every page prove to be a great helping hand.

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