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Mi Band 4 is a smart revolution in the fitness tracking device world! It is the successor of Mi Band 3. This is the best quality fitness tracker out there in the market within a justifiable price range! I have been using this band for quite a long time now, and now I am reviewing this product for you!


The Mi band 4 device comes with great new features and improvised specifications. As compared to the previous band- The Mi Band 3, this device is purely renewed.

Here are the specifications of the device as stated by the Mi Global store.

Display TypeAMOLED
Screen Size0.95″
Resolution 120×240 RGB
Charging Time1-1:30 hr
Battery LiPo, 135mAh
Standby23days(for me)!

Differences in Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3

This is a major aspect. There are a lot of changes in the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3. At the first look, we can figure out that the screen of the MI band 4 is flattened though, for Band 3, it’s rounded. I personally, like the flattened one though…

Next, the screen size has been increased by 39.9% as Mi officially reported. This makes a good impact. The large button in the previous series has been made small. It looked a bit large previously. The new small round sensor is great. Another major difference is the colored display! Yes, it has colored display support. We can use custom wallpapers, photos as the theme of the band. It even supports live wallpapers.

Then, there is the music control function. It allows users to control what music is being played on the device even without touching the phone. Also, you can control the volume of the music that is being played.

This device’s size is the same as the band 3, so you can use the straps interchangeably with no issues at all!

Battery life

This is the most important aspect of a tech device. Being a fitness band, if it cannot withstand a long time, then it’s of no use. If we just put that charging and charging after every 5-6 six days, this puts not worth of the money. But this is not the case of Mi Band 4. The LiPo 135 mAh battery has got you covered. On my testing, I was shocked to see the band survive for a continuous 23 days of running!!!!

I charged the band at 99% and turned off all the high battery consuming settings. To my great surprise, it stood a stunning 23 days long even still at 5%. I am really amazed by this device!

Other features

Some of the prominent features of the band are as follows:

  • High resolution for such a small device
  • Call viewing on the band- even silent the phone or cut the call
  • 400 nits display- clear even in bright sun
  • Stopwatch
  • Timers
  • Alarms
  • Pin and swipe locks
  • Idle alerts other than normal 6 types of activity tracking
  • Can even track swimming styles
  • It’s super slim and feels it’s not even there!
  • Custom wallpapers take the lead!

The band is a great all in one fitness companion. Now, to talk about the price, it is not at all expensive if we look towards its features to the price ratio. As of now, it comes with a price tag of INR 2299($35 approx.) which is not much expensive.

Cons of Mi Band 4

Every product has some downsides, so does the Mi Band 4. Here is a quick list of what I dislike about the band:

  • Being touch-sensitive, it behaves abnormally in the water! It’s insane!
  • Sometimes, the lock screen lags and does not catch touch even after two-three times of trying(Not every time- once in a week).
  • I have to take out the capsule out of the band to charge though the charger is cool!

Overall Thoughts

I have seen many fitness trackers in the market but the Mi Band is the biggest revolution in the fitness tracking context. The band provides many features as the expensive trackers do but it has got a low price that makes the lead. I love the live wallpaper functionality which makes it my first priority. I would recommend the band and let you know that if you are going to buy a fitness tracker, buy the Mi band 4 by closing your eyes and I have got your trust.

Want to buy the band?

If you wish to buy the band and are convinced by its features, you can buy it from the Mi store though I recommend buying from the Amazon store. If you wish to buy, continue to the Amazon store, and buy the band.

The packaging includes the band, the charger micro USB and the manual.

This was the review of Mi band 4. If you liked the article, or are going to buy the Band or even have bought it, please do comment and let me know your views on the band. All your thoughts are welcomed. To contact me, please write an e-mail to or fill the form at the contact page.

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