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Dear Humans, there is a way to stop the polar ice from melting and you already have the technology, but you just are not putting two-and-two together and merging the technologies that you already have. Okay so, let me explain how to go about this, just in case it ever does become necessary. Right now, I’d hold short, as I don’t believe it is important to do so. I’ll also explain that insight as well.

Now then, there was an interesting article one of the human online science news websites, Science Daily, on October 26, 2012 titled; “Not-So-Permanent Permafrost: 850 Billion Tons of Carbon Stored in Frozen Arctic Ground Could Be Released in the Next 100-Years,” which stated; “This nitrogen and carbon are likely to impact ecosystems, the atmosphere, and water resources including rivers and lakes. For context, this is roughly the amount of carbon stored in the atmosphere today.”

While this article isn’t exactly accurate and even though the humans funding this research had ulterior motives to prove “Global Warming Theory” which is mankind’s CO2 causing irreversible climate change, there is at least a smidge of reality to their findings. This is not a call for alarm by any means, but if humans one day find it necessary to stop ice melt on either of Earth’s poles for whatever reason, this is possible. Since the Earth goes through cycles, and since human life span is short and currently without long-term factual science data, there are other things which have caused ice melt and could happen in the future. So, it’s wise to have a strategy and plan just in case.

You see, humans have learned the secrets of reinforcing very strong large ice structures, one of these strategies discovered is called Pykrete, it is not a new technology, at least not by human time-tables. Humans have also learned how to use high energy lasers which work very well from the ground or from the air. For instance the ABL system (Airborne Laser) developed by the United States Air Force Research Lab.

Okay so, by drilling holes in the ice with lasers in a crisscross fashion and 3-D grid and then filling those holes in with Pykrete the ice will stay together without breaking away slowing the ice melt by 100s of years, at which time the CO2 levels will have dropped significantly, and the sub-cycle of ice melt will subside until the next “real warming period” which isn’t due for quite some time by human standards, thus, not to worry. Your technology by then will have made all of your fossil fuel energy sources obsolete, besides that most will have run out long ago anyway. Please consider all this and think on it.

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