Based upon such information as: God is omnipresent, God is Life, God is Spirit, Life Force is Spirit;

the Spirit Life Force Earthians call “God ” is evidently present everywhere, including on and in

other planets. How can this be so, and what kind of “life” is this question all about? There are

countless myriads of life forms, such as cellular, mineral, vegetable, material, human, molecular,

atomic, sub-atomic, quantum antimatter bubbles, creative forces vibrations, spiritual, astral,

mortal and immortal. On a bottom line bedrock basis, mortal and immortal life exists and expresses

simultaneously within every atom composing and comprising the 3 classified cosmologies of: The Mortal

Material Realm, the immortal Hades Realm and the immortal Spirit (antimatter) Realm of Celestria.

Spirit Life Force (antimatter) exists throughout the material universe to express as a breath of

mortal life via the CREATIVE FORCE VIBRATIONS that comprise and compose all creations throughout

the mortal Material Realm Cosmology, which includes each and every material planet. A Creative

Force Vibration is a living, consciously aware, pulsating wave sphere of indestructible Spirit

energy oscillating omni-directionally from a central point, capable of instantly contracting to

a central point or expanding to macro-cosmic, or any size. The Creative Forces compose and comprise

each atom of each and every creation, including you and I and All That Is. These Spirit Energy

Life Forces are not only closer than our next breath they are our next breath. Creative Force

Energy Vibrations compose and comprise all tangible and intangible things making up Consciousness.

They move from the highest Divine Spirit Energy levels of vibration to and through lower energy

levels of vibration. The lower the Creative Force vibration rate, the more dense the material


Vibration is the bottom line bedrock basis and essence of existence. If all vibrations were to

suddenly cease, you, I, every form and energy form – the entire material universe – would vanish.

Life Force is vibration – so is mind, matter, energy, electricity, magnetism, radiance, thought,

imagination, consciousness and all force, because all forces are vibrations that emanate from One

Central Vibration.

There are two kinds of Electromagnetic Creative Force Vibrations. Every Creative Force Vibration

is endowed with mortal Electromagnetic Spirit Life Force (Akashic) Energy, but not necessarily

with RESONATING Electromagnetic Energy. Resonating Electromagnetic Energy vibrates in unison with

the Immortal Life Vibration Rate of the Christ, Buddha, Krishna, White Light that instills Immortal

Life into that which formerly contained only mortal life force. Resonating Electromagnetic Energy is

the highest source of Divine, Immortal Life Force Energies.

Consider the fact that even a rock is alive because it contains a small, dense , low vibration

rate degree of Life Force simply because it is composed and comprised with and by low vibe

Creative Forces Vibrations. As low vibe Hades Limbo life forces are released from the rocks,

trees, minerals and crystals of Earth, the vibe rate of Planet Earth is increased and the higher

vibration spiritual evolution of Earth is thereby enhanced and accelerated.

In the Material Realm, Life Force creates the form it expresses through. Material forms do not

create the Life Force that expresses through them.

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