Are you also a programming enthusiast like me? Then probably when you write HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP, or any other programming language document, you may be bored with the theme of the default Notepad. So, then you might have migrated to Notpade++. But it too has a very basic theme. Not at all mind-blowing. So I am going to tell you about software and a hack to edit all types of program documents with beautiful color coding. Don’t forget to add a comment about your opinion about these ideas. So let me tell you about them:

1. Atom

Atom is a very cool and hackable text editor for 2k19 programmers. It has a very clean and eye attracting theme and a wide variety of syntax highlighting for a huge range of different programming languages! Also, it has 4 different themes for its interface and 8 different themes for syntax highlighting. I personally like Atom set with One Dark theme for interface and Solarized Dark theme for syntax highlighting(If you use it with these settings, don’t forget to comment!) Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like with the above settings: 

There are many other alternatives to Atom too like sublime editorVisual studio codeVim, and much more. Don’t forget to give them a try too!

2. Android Studio

You can also use Android Studio as a great tool to edit many types of code files, to name a few- all of the codes! Yes, Android Studio can code almost all of the major programming languages with syntax highlighting(I am not sure if it supports code completion also). Just drag the file on the editor windows of your current project and you are good to code in the particular file. Once done, save it and close. It won’t even touch the current project you are working on.