I love to read books, and so do many… So, I thought to have some book analyses week over week. My main motive to start over to review books, provide their basic highlights and engage interest. My favorite author is Stephen Hawkings and he is also my inspiration. Since I love cosmology, I love to read about the same!

This post is just to announce that from this week onwards, I will order a new book from amazon and read it over the following week and analyze it at the end of the second week and give a detailed analysis of the book, here on this blog. The posts will be routed under the category Reviews and will be tagged with the tag Books.

The Good news for all of you is that all the book analyses will include vocal sound. If you are not willing to read the whole post, the outlines of the post will be included in the recorded spoken lecture by me.

For context, I will review the book- Black Holes by Stephen Hawking for the next week. If you want to buy this book, you can use this link.