I am very happy and eager to announce the Genics Blog community membership! I want this blog to be a community rather than just say a single person owned blog.

I want to make this blog a corner of knowledge on the internet. That’s why I am here with the Genics Blog’s community membership. So let’s know more about it!

What it is exactly?

The Genics Blog community membership is a way to be a part of the Genics Blog. I hereby allow everyone to be its part and contribute to its development in any way you can. But the part I want to highlight with this is the theory of writing for us!

Every person reading this blog now has access to request me to become an author on this blog and share their knowledge if they want to. The process is simple, just go the write for us page and submit an application for joining. If accepted, I will contact you personally and give further details.

But now, since this blog is a community, there will be some Terms and Conditions for the people who want to participate. The details are given on the page as referred above. If you are interested, you’re heartily welcomed tot be out part.

For any queries, contact us, E-mail at contact@genicsblog.com or comment about your query below.