To start off this article, I would first like to wish you all a happy new year! This is the beginning of the year 2020 and I wish that you succeed in whatever thing you do.

Each of us will have made some resolutions to follow this year, and I motivate everyone to follow them. There are also some resolutions that I have made for this blog. I am listing the next 5 articles that will be published soon!

#1 Week 2 Analysis: The Theory of Everything

For this week, I am going to review The Theory of Everything, an interesting book by Stephen W Hawking. In this book, Stephen Hawking explains the scattering theories about the universe and ultimately asks for a unified theory that will define our picture of the universe more clearly.

#2 Week 3 Analysis: The Secret Book

I have read just three pages of the book and damn! I am greatly moved by the ideas presented in it! So, I have decided to read the book The Secret Book and present the ideas in the 3rd week of Book Analyses. I know, one who reads this book gets a deep look into what he has to do in a better way!

#3 The importance of Earth’s magnetic field

In this article, which will come in a short period, I will be going to present the facts about the Earth’s magnetic field. I’ll unveil the importance and significance of the Earth’s magnetic field. Also, this article will present the threats that are making the magnetic field weaker and tilted!

#4 WordPress vs Blogger

Yup, this article will be one of the longest articles I would have ever written. I will review the pros and cons of each and will let you know what suits you the best! Also, there will be a differentiation between and

#5 Top Plugins that each WordPress site must have

I will make a list of the top plugins that a WordPress site should have. Whether big or small, this list will be useful fo all!

Okay, so know you have seen what articles you can expect in this month, so stay tuned for the updates!