And finally, The latest news and updates from us are here! I am really excited to announce the all-new Genics Blog theme and latest news and updates to the site functionality and also, our new offers!

Okay, so let’s dig deep into the topic. First, I would like to mention that I have been working hard to update the site’s theme. My old readers might be knowing how slow and unrealistic the old theme was. I was using the Alpha theme from BlossomTheme. Though at first, I liked that. But, then I found that it was not at all right for me.

But now, we are out with Breek, a cool and much realistic theme that, in fact, you are seeing how cool it looks. It’s cool, it’s fast and super amazing! This theme is the best for blogs that I have seen so far.

And for more, I am very happy to announce that, we officially have migrated over from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress! That’s the biggest step I’ve taken. Previously, I didn’t know anything about WordPress and I was stuck to Blogger as new bloggers actually are, but I thought to give WordPress a try and then I headed over to 000WebHost to have a free trial of WordPress. I got used to it within a week and I bought a Linux hosting from GoDaddy! And this site is now fully hosted over WordPress. That’s a big leap in my blogging hobby.

Next, over to our new pages, we’ve added our About, Contact, Privacy policy, License, and Sitemap pages. Have a look at them too!

Want even more! We have got you covered… I am eager to announce that all of our new posts from now on will be fully optimized to read. I don’t want to compromise with quality over quantity, so all of our new posts will be formatted and in compliance with the scopes as you will find in the next posts about our new posting ideology.

So, this is all for now. But still, you know, I love to surprise you, and I give you a hint here, the next announcement is going to be very realistic and you will be stunned to see the community membership program. So, stay tuned with us, and think a while for what can be good out of our membership program. If you have any queries, contact me or drop an E-mail at And as always, you can comment on your thoughts below!