This post defines the new way in which we will be publishing new posts. This in-depth article will give an account of my conventions for the posts which get published hereafter.

Note: This post also acts as the reference documents for the authors that contribute to this blog.

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So here I begin with my new conventions:

The title

As I think of the title of any new post, I know, for many bloggers, getting a unique and eye-catching title that attracts people to read the post is very difficult. I want and here-by pledge that the posts from today onwards will have a title optimized for readability. It will be short, informative, unique and technical. And I do also expect that from the authors.


Well, content is more likely the heart of a blog and it’s rankings. New posts will truly be optimized for quality over quantity. Though, I promise it would not be less than 500 words and will be on topics of current relevance. There won’t be any outdated information given. Also, proper links to sources from which some data has been collected will be given.

Continuing further, the language will still be English. I will see if there will be enough request for enabling translations, I’ll look into the matter.


Since when I started this blog, I used to host it at blogger. None of my posts were clearly categorized, making it hard for readers to follow the content. Since when I shifted to blogger, I am committed to making navigation and categorizing more efficient and easy. So, I have decided to include only 9 total categories, though there may be alterations with time and as per demand. here’s the list of them all:

All the new posts will be published in the above 8 categories as per their content and if anyone does not come under any of these, it will be Uncategorized.

The last announcement

I hope you liked the new idea with which, we will be publishing new posts! At last, I want to make the announcement of the Analyses of Books under the category Reviews. I will buy a new book every week, read it the next week and at the end of the second week, I will publish a long review and the concepts of the book. It implies that I will be publishing a post about new books every 2nd week. Normal posts will be done effort upon and be rolled out after every week or a half. Thanks for your love and support. If you wish to help me write more, check out our Patreon page.