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How are you’ll?

I remember the last post on this blog was made on 1th Jan 2020(and even I see that on the front page)

It has been a long time since I posted anything! Almost 20 days! I see that I could not resist writing for such a long time and there’s a long story behind that.

Long story short:

From the 4th of Feb, my exams had started. And heck. The final examinations of the 9th standard were from the ICSE Board- The whole syllabus and book. But I don’t care. It was easy for me because I had already done most of the work.

But this is not all, the work was still a lot. It took time for me to complete everything again and revise. The exams went well. I am sure to get 97%. I hope for the good.

My passion vs my exams…

Blogging was my passion for a long time and I always wanted to express myself. I already do that in the form of this Blog. The thing is, if I don’t get to do this on a regular basis, I feel bored. I feel suppressed and I have a reason for it.

Exams had made me short of time for my blog. No articles were written for this time. My exams had my concentration gone onto them.


You know what the good thing now is? Exams are over!

Even super intelligent people love vacations.

– Someone who doesn’t love to study.

And the cool thing is, I got a ton of articles in my head! And they all will get published within a short time span.

I love writing. And I’ve got you a series of an amazing collection of articles categorized under 10 different categories, that you can find when you scroll further down. Until then, enjoy reading your favorite topics. If not, search for what you wish to read about. I bet you will definitely get an article of your interest.

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It was all I wished you to know for this time. Now, the new academic session will begin and I am in 10th grade. But my blogging journey does not end here.

I hope you like reading articles on this blog. May your life be happy!