Hello, everyone reading this post out there. I am going to introduce through my blog, the great artistic and writing skills of my friend Amitoj and this is his first poem. He is a good friend and a great artist(which is going to be proven within a few minutes). This is his first poem so please don’t forget to comment. It doesn’t cost anything but costs a lot for us.

And here this poem goes:

This was a man who was lead astray

Gone too deep in his own dismay

He was born just like others

From a womb of a mother

But never was normal

Never wanted to be normal

He was too deep into creativity

But pulled back by his own nativity

Wanted someone o understand him but no one did

And so along with him, his creativity and confidence hid

He turned into a living beast

He let his rage come out and feast

He never kept in the frustration

Unleashed it, feeling no emotion

Then he decided to change himself

Be as good as an obeying elf

It was too hard as he didn’t want to listen to himself at first

But he, unlike before, never let his rage burst

But he grew too humble

“I’m a disappointment. I’m a curse” he’d mumble

He got depressed by everything in front of him

But never gave up thinking his life is his to live. Not to sim

There was no limit to his effort

And so he decided not to be tethered

As he wanted help and didn’t find anyone around

He went to look for someone out of his bounds

Someone who would care

Someone who would treat him fair

Someone whom he could look up to for help

Someone who could tell him that he should care about his own self

His niceness won people’s hearts

There were nice people but some hiding in the dark

Even after meeting these many people he felt empty

Because he has still not found the person whom he could say “Help”

He wanted to find that person and in that voyage, he suffered a lot of betrayals

Got in solitude and just wanted to get away from those rails

Then someone entered his life

Someone, whom he never planned to make his life

This was a girl to get him out of his dismay

Her name starts with an ‘E’ and ends with an ‘A’

He saw himself in her

She understood him and finally made him happy

He loved her more than anything and so did she.

You’re probably wondering why there is no endin’

You won’t believe it but let me tell you, I am only thirteen.