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So as you know that our Universe is composed of a dynamic 4D structure which is composed of like a net of space-time and everybody that has mass bends it to a certain limit(except Black Holes) and that’s what causes the gravitational force to act. Like this –

Now for Black Holes, it’s somewhat different as their bend od curvature of space-time is infinite like this –

So basically if you can visualise it, a black hole tears the net of space time apart and if we can find the place where a black hole was located, we can pass through that and BOOM! maybe we could reach into another Universe or maybe Multiverse as we crossed the boundary of our space-time.

Now the question is how a place where black hole was loacted be empty now and how we will find that.The answers to these questions are just located in my video so just follow the link open the secrets of our Universe!

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Also, check out the review of the book “Black Holes” By Stephen Hawkings to get a better understanding of the idea explained above.

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