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In this article, you’ll get to know what is matter and antimatter and what if we have a parallel universe composed of anti-matter? So let’s begin.

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Matter and Anti-matter

I think most of the readers will be very familiar with what is matter? It is formed of atoms that consist of the proton(which is positively charged), neutron(which is neutral) and the electron(which is negatively charged). But Anti-matter is just opposite of it. Neutron is neutral but proton and electron have just opposite charges than they have in the matter.



According to some theories, antimatter might have formed a parallel universe just after the Big bang but on either side! CAN WE CALL IT A MIRROR WORLD SIMILAR TO OUR WORLD WHICH IS JUST OPPOSITE TO OUR WORLD?

Yes, it is a mirror world but everything works opposite in it. In our world, time goes from past to future. But in the mirror world, it goes from future to past! It seems to be very interesting right? 🤔

It means we can see our future in the mirror world, but wait!

Don’t sink into dreams of the mirror world. Everything in the mirror world is formed of Anti-matter but we know our whole universe is formed of mater.

So here the question arises will we be stable in the Anti-matter world? Can we survive in it?

According to some theories, if we get to the Anti-matter universe, we will be destroyed very violently You might be thinking how violent that could be?

The explosion will be similar to the supernova explosion! 💥 However, it does not have any proof.

But some theories state that ALL THE ANTI-MATTER WAS DESTROYED DURING BIG BANG AND ONLY MATTER WAS LEFT BEHIND. But it does not mean that we have only one universe. It has chances that the universe further also exists in clusters. Then just think how small we are as compared to that. Then logically, we know very small or only a few things about our universe.

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Does the mirror universe follow the laws of physics?

The answer is No, this is because of the time dimension. The time in both the world moves totally in the opposite direction. So it will not follow the laws of physics.

But it will follow the laws of physics if the time actually moves from future to past as said above. Because theoretically, all the time equations of physics work both from past to future and future to past. Then here comes a fact: as we grow from child to adult in our world but in the mirror world, it will be opposite from adult to child.

But it is not so because time in the mirror world is opposite for us similarly our time is opposite for them. It means both the worlds might be having many similarities.

If the mirror universe really exists then we should try to find it out in the future.

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