In this article, I have something very interesting for space lovers- The most interesting topic in the study of space, i.e., The Big Bang theory. In this article, I will tell you the things you need to know about The Big Bang! So here I start.

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How did the universe begin?

As all of you may know, something called a singularity or nothing a point zero size was the initial condition of the universe. But it was of infinite density at that time(it was around billions of years ago!).

So my friends, fasten your seat belts as we are going past in time to see the birth of our universe as you read!

At first :

The universe appears out of nothing or something is known as a singularity- the point of infinite density and gravitational pull. At first, the Universe consisted purely of energy and was infinitely dense and unimaginably hotabout 10 billion trillion trillion °C (18 billion trillion trillion °F).

Then there was a sudden burst of this singularity! This caused our universe to start to expand.

Within a tiny fraction of second, the balloon of the universe or the so-called bubble transforms from trillions of time smaller than an atom to the size of a small town (that is very small to live though🤔). The rate of expansion then slows.

The intense energy of newborn small universe created matter. That state of matter was undefined yet. At first, the matter formed a crowd of particles and antiparticles. They collided with one another turning back into energy. But some matter got leftover which eventually turns into atoms and later the Star, the Galaxies, etc..

Fun Fact!

The Big Bang was not an explosion. That was just the release of an infinite amount of energy.

Now let’s come back to the point-

So the universe is now about 1 microsecond old and 100 billion km or 60 billion miles wide. (Our universe grew very fast isn’t it?🤪). The leftover particles began to form protons and neutrons. But the universe is too hot for atoms to form yet.

After 379,000 years, the universe cools enough for atoms to form. The universe now became a vast cloud of hydrogen and helium. Thus, light could now pass-through space more easily, and the universe became transparent.

Half a million years after the Big Bang, the matter is now evenly spread in the universe, but some tiny ripples exist in clusters. Gravity working on these denser patches gravity vegans bringing them together and they strike with each other and form clumps.

After 300 million years, stars started forming and some appeared. The nebulas form when a great cloud of gas is pulled into tight knots by gravity. The pressure and the heat become so intense in these knots of gases that the nuclear reactions began.

At 500 million years, the first galaxies formed. Galaxies are intense clouds of star held together by gravity.

Now 5 billion years old, the universe consists of a vast cluster of galaxies with gigantic voids between them. At 8 billion years, the expansion of the universe begins to accelerate.

Our solar system formed at 9 billion years.


And now the universe is about 17 billion years old at 20 billion years the sun will expand enough in size and destroy the earth

So the universe will keep on expanding forever becoming cold and dark everywhere (But up to some point).

Through this post, you came across the origin of the expanding Universe and its fate. But to let you know, this is the widest accepted theory in the world about the Universe’s starting but still, this theory has left some questions unanswered and those are being researched upon so that we may find an ultimate theory which will properly define the shape of the present-day Universe.

Bonus Announcement!

This week’s book analysis includes a special book that I love. I am going to review the book- The Theory of Everything by Stephen W. Hawking. The book has got you covered with the ancient beliefs about the Universe and its existence in the form we know it now. The book creates excitement to know more about the Universe. At last, Stephen Hawking shows concern for the need of a proper theory that will actually be the full-fledged theory explaining the present-day Universe’s condition. Stay tuned for reading the review!

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