Write for us!

As you may have read in the community membership announcement post, I have now made it possible for everyone to join the Blog as an author and share their knowledge and become a blog contributor.

But as you may think, this won’t be much simpler. There will be many entries for that and the selection criteria will be very strict. Continuing further, I am going to note down the benefits of joining the community and the conditions that you must first accept before applying. If you want to skip the conditions and want to apply right away, head out to the form directly.


First, who will join a membership if they don’t get anything? I am offering a great variety of privileges to the selected users who become our members. Here is a list of the benefits:

  • Earn 50% of my total earnings from this blog*
  • Get a custom author page for yourself
  • Become a part of the new contributor selection process for other new people.
  • Those who wish to just publish content and don’t want to become an author, you can select the guest poster checkbox and paste your post in the special notes section. Your post will be published with full attribution!

As you see, I am giving a lot of benefits, there are certain terms on which interested people will have to accept before applying. The highlights of the term are as follows:

  • The 50% commission will be distributed among all the authors. Out of the income, 50% will be kept and the rest will be distributed among all the current authors of the blog.
  • If you get selected, the minimum posting criteria is 1 post/week**
  • There should be a minimum of 6:10 reply rate to new comments.

Now, if you wish to continue as a new blog author and content writer, you can fill out the form below.


So, as you have gone through all this, I again want to remind that all the policies are subject to change but you will be reminded by email of the new changes.

I hope you found this membership program helpful, please share your feedback by contacting me or by dropping a mail at contact@genicsblog.com

*The 50% share will be equally distributed among all the current blog authors and is subject to my sole choice.
**The least is one post/week and maximum is as you want. Payment rates change as you work. Payment method will be settled when your application is accepted.