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Hi everyone, I have some great websites for you to learn web3.0, which I found when I was searching for web3 knowledge.

Let’s have some basic understanding of what web3 is before we dive into this awesome list. Eshita’s article describes it in a very simple way:

  • Web1 (read only) 😬
  • Web2 (read and write) 😨
  • Web3 (read, write, and own) 😱

We are currently in the middle of this transition from web2 to web3. For me, web3 is not just hype. Web3 was here a long time ago waiting for us to adapt, transition, and accept the future of the internet.

You should start learning web3 right now and while it is early, we have nothing to lose. If you know both Web2 and web3, it would be better than anything!

Here’s the list of resources to learn web3:

1. BuildSpace website

Let’s start this awesome list with BuildSpace! This is indeed a top notch place to learn and build real-world web3 projects.

Why is BuildSpace on the top? It offers different kinds of projects for you to start hacking your way through web3!

You’ll earn free exclusive and unique NFTs when you’re able to complete a project tutorial. On top of that, you’ll get a special Discord role in their official Discord community to represent what you’ve learned and where you enroll!

With every project you complete, you’ll gain the required experience that can get you a full-time remote job at popular web3 company!

2. Odyssey DAO website

Another personal favourite! This is a good alternative to BuildSpace. The only difference is that this is a learning DAO community. DAO means a decentralised autonomous organisation and Odyssey is a pretty good definition of this.

A DAO is a community that’s owned and managed by its members.


Here’s a good thing about Odyssey, they made it possible to provide 100% free web3 education with the help of their community by offering NFTs and tokens!

For me, this is a great use of NFTs and tokens because they’re using NFTs and tokens for a good cause, not just because they want to trade them.

3. CryptoZombies website

Honestly, unlike BuildSpace and Odyssey, CryptoZombies is a pretty good place to learn web3 in a fun and interactive way for free. And guess what, it is open-source like us!

On a side note, it is recommended and also helpful to have a little bit of technical background in programming, but that’s not absolutely required for you to start learning blockchain development. Just go with the flow and take their courses and learn as much as possible.

Currently, they offer 4 learning paths — Solidity, Advance Solidity, Chainlink, and Beyond Ethereum, which are enough for you to be considered as a blockchain developer once you complete them.

With the help of these paths, you will be able to develop your own smart contracts, launch NFTs, and build NFT games on your own!

4. CryptoDevHub website

If you like the wiki-style of learning about web3 then this is the right place for you.

CryptoDevHub is a wiki-type website where you can find tons of information about web3. It also offers guides for you to get started with web3 development. There is a community around it where web3 learners, developers hang out by helping each other to build web3 apps.

5. NFT School website

NFT is one of the features of web3 so why not add related resources to the list. NFT School can be described as the web3 version of W3 School but for NFTs.

Wait, what is NFT? Well, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens.

To keep it simple, NFTs are just like a ticket to a concert where you can buy it and keep it forever. You might also sell it to collectors in the future since it retains value, which holds the same idea with paintings and artworks.

6. UseWeb3

UseWeb3 is a great opensource community-contributed resource for web3 enthusiasts like you. Better to check this out and bookmark it to your favourite browser because you’re gonna use it on your entire web3 journey!

It is a simple website that has a list of very useful information related to web3 space.

No more to say, they are very useful web3 resource!

Bonus Content

Imagine if you could build web3 applications without coding 👀

That’s actually possible with the help of thirdweb!

It enables no-code developers to participate in web3 space without knowing Solidity or Rust to interact with smart contracts.

Aside from being a no-code platform itself, you can actually use the programming language you already know such as JavaScript, Python, and many more… just to build some cool web3 stuff!

Check out this guide to get started!

In addition, Hashnode is currently hosting a web3 hackathon event together with thirdweb (at the time of writing this article). So it is better to check that out and win some cool prizes.

Are there any web3 resources that we forgot to add? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, good luck with your web3 journey! 💖

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