Genics Blog is an open source platform for developers to share technical knowledge. You will generally find us posting high quality relevant content in the niche of software development or programming in general.

We post two types of content:

Fun fact: We are a team of high schooler teenagers passionate about programming :P

Perks of writing at Genics Blog:

We have an active community of developers and content writes on our Discord server and Twitter page. Being open source, the codebase on GitHub is actively maintained by community contributions.

The team

We are a team of high school developers and bloggers who are building a community of technical writers. For an individual writer it’s hard to get their content a wider reach but we believe together we can make a difference.

We believe in the power of open source so everything on Genics Blog ranging from the website to the comments, and from the API we use, to the discord bot for our community is open source!

Getting started with technical writing / programming?

Our community is here to help!

Join us on discord to get help from experienced technical writers and professional developers. We also help in coming up with article ideas and getting consistent organic traffic with SEO.

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