About Us

Hi! I’m Gourav Khunger! I am a student of 14 currently in 9th grade and this, though being my personal blog, is a community of readers.

I am a hobbyist blogger and I love to share what I know and am currently knowing. Here, at the Genics Blog, I am committed to providing the best of content, I can and this is what I love to.

I love to code in Android and read books about cosmology and love things about the Universe. Sometimes I create coding tutorials, the other time do book reviews. And, I love to share the rest of my knowledge. You can find me on StackOverflow but I am not on any Social Media!

If you have any queries, suggestions, or post ideas, you can contact me through this contact form, or drop a mail at contact@genicsblog.com. Want to write posts for us, or as a guest poster? Check out how you can do it.